Representation in Committees / Bodies

Representation in Committees and Boards

OEB is represented in the following bodies and a large number of ad-hoc Committees set up to study specific issues.


 Ministry of Labour, Welfare & Social Insurance

  • Labour Advisory Board
  • Committee on Gender Equality in Employment and Vocational Training
  • National Employment Committee
  • Board of Directors of the Social Insurance Fund
  • Council of Occupational Pension Benefits Funds
  • Board of Directors of the Central Fund for Annual Licenses
  • Employer Insolvency Fund Board
  • Board of Directors Fund for Surplus Personnel
  • Advisory Committees of Provincial Labor Offices in all cities
  • Pancyprian Safety & Health Council
  • Pancyprian Council for People with Disabilities
  • Board of Directors of the Center for Vocational Rehabilitation of the Disabled
  • National Agency for Demographic & Family Policy
  • Committee of Terms of Service of Leisure Centers
  • National Radiation Protection Committee
  • Board of Directors of the Mediterranean Institute of Management


Ministry of Finance

  • Economic Advisory Committee
  • Statistical Board
  • Retail Price Index Advisory Committee


Ministry of Energy, Commerce & Industry

  • Board of Directors of the Cyprus Organization for Quality Promotion (KOPP)
  • Technical Committee for Technology
  • Board of Directors of Cyprus Certification Company (KEP)
  • Committee on Industrial Strategy
  • Consumer Advisory Committee
  • Committee for the Monitoring and Implementation of the Provisions of the European Practice for Small Enterprises
  • Monitoring Committee for the Creation of a Science and Technology Park
  • Cyprus Promotion Committee as a Center for the Provision of Medical Services
  • Committee for Coordination & Monitoring of the Policy Statement for the Strengthening of the Business Ecosystem
  • Advisory Committee for the Energy Efficiency of buildings


Ministry of Justice & Public Order

  • National Mechanism for Women’s Rights (NRMP)
  • Central Council of the Agency for Women’s Rights
  • Committee for the Guidance, Extra-Institutional Employment & Rehabilitation of Prisoners


Ministry of Health

  • Board of Health Insurance Organization
  • Advisory Committee for the certification of Private Hospitals


Ministry of Transport, Communications & Works

  • Road Traffic Transport Council
  • Digital Strategy Team
  • Larnaca / Vasilikos Port Workers’ Council
  • Limassol Port Workers’ Council


Ministry of Interior

  • Standing Committee for Monitoring and Implementation of the Construction Products Directive


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Steering Committee for Economic Diplomacy


Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth

  • Advisory Body of Technical and Vocational Education
  • Apprenticeship Council
  • Board of the Post-Secondary Institute of Vocational Education and Training (M.I.E.E.K.)


Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development & Environment

  • Pancyprian Environment Council
  • Advisory Committee for Packaging Material Waste Management
  • Eco-Label Award Advisory Committee
  • Rural Development Plan Monitoring Committee
  • Water Management Advisory Committee
  • Advisory Committee on Green Public and Private Procurement
  • Pancyprian Environmental Awards Evaluation Committee for Organizations and Businesses


Directorate-General for European Programs, Coordination and Development

  • EU Structural Funds Monitoring Committees
  • Monitoring Committee of the Interreg V-A Cooperation Program “Greece-Cyprus 2014-2020”
  • Monitoring Committee of the Interreg V-A Cooperation Program “Greece-Cyprus 2021-2027”
  • Monitoring Committee of the Operational Programs “Sustainable Development and Competitiveness”, and “Employment, Human Capital and Social Cohesion” 2014 -2020
  • Monitoring Committee of EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms
  • Participation in the Joint Intergovernmental Commission of Cyprus – Russia for Economic Cooperation
  • Participation in the meetings for the creation of the National Road Map for Research Infrastructures


Human Resources Development Authority

  • Cyprus ReferNet Consortium
  • Board of Directors of Human Resources Development Authority
  • Technical Committees for the Professional Qualifications Standard
  • Technical Committee for the Development of Qualifications of Professional Standards – Package 8: Sectors of Education, Training and Support Groups



  • European Economic & Social Committee
  • European Committee for Social Dialogue
  • BoD European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions
  • BoD European Agency for Safety and Health at Work
  • BoD European Center for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP)
  • Vocational Training Advisory Committee (ACVT) of the European Commission
  • European Group of National Coordinators for SMEs
  • European Social Fund (ESF) of the European Commission
  • European platform for the circular economy
  • European Group of Experts on RES and FDI
  • European Biogas Association – National Industrial Representative
  • European Solar Thermal Association (ESTIF) – National Industrial Representative
  • ISO / TC 323 Technical Committee for the Development of Standards for the Circular Economy
  • Advisory Committee on the Free Movement of Workers
  • Advisory Committee for the Coordination of Social Security Systems
  • Occupational Safety and Health Advisory Committee


International Labour Organization (ILO)

OEB’s contribution to the shaping of the socio-economic policy of the state is achieved directly with the active participation of its representatives in the above National and European Committees and Councils, which study economic, labour, industrial, service, educational, social, energy and environmental. With constructive arguments, OEB promotes the interests of the business world and country in general.