Member Categories

Who can become a Member:

(1) Individual employers, industrialists or entrepreneurs of all nationalities.

Any Individual Employer, Industrialist or Entrepreneur is able to register and become a member of the Federation provided that they employ personnel on a regular basis and at a permanent workplace that is associated with any industry, service, trade, profession or business that is located in Cyprus.

Any Legal Entity established by Law (Statute), can only be accepted if their operations are conducted in a similar manner to those performed by another industry, service, trade, profession or business and also acquire separate accounts that are not part and/or included in the General Government Budget.

In case of a Legal Entity of any form, Member to the Federation is the legal entity which is represented through an official appointed by the competent bodies of the said Legal Entity.

(2) Professional Associations and Federations of Employers.

Legally registered Associations or Federations of Employers or Industrialists or Entrepreneurs in industries, services, trade, work or business where there are such Federations, irrespective of the name by which the Associations or Federations are known.

(3) Professional Organisations.

Regardless of the above, any professional organisations (with or without legal personality) may register and become Members of the Federation, and these members will be subject to all the provisions of OEB’s Articles of Association relating to Members of the Federation.