Professional Associations & Other Organised Bodies



  1. Cyprus Furniture & Woodworking Industry Association (PASYVEX)
  2. Cyprus Association of Glass Industries
  3. Mosaic and Marble Manufacturers Association
  4. Cyprus Metal Industries Association
  5. Pancyprian Master Printers Association
  6. Association of Footwear & Leather Manufacturers
  7. Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries Association (PHARCHEM)



  1. Cyprus Building Contractors Association
  2. Cyprus Land & Building Developers Association (LBDA)
  3. Mechanical & Electrical Contractors Association of Cyprus
  4. Cyprus Electrical Contractors Association



  1. State Health Services Organisation
  2. Cyprus Association of Private Hospitals
  3. Cyprus Medical Association (CYMA)
  4. Cyprus Dental Association
  5. Cyprus Pharmaceutical Association
  6. Pancyprian Association of Physiotherapists
  7. Cyprus Association of Occupational Therapists
  8. Association of Laboratory Dentists of Cyprus
  9. Cyprus Association of Dental Technicians
  10. Cyprus Association of Producers of General Medicinal Products
  11. Cyprus Chemical & Pharmaceuticals Industries Association
  12. Association of Medical Cannabis
  13. Cyprus Association of Importers of Medical and Scientific Instruments (SAIEEK)
  14. Cyprus Association of Home Nursing Operations
  15. Association of Clinical Laboratory Directors, Biomedical and Clinical Laboratory Scientists
  16. Cyprus Red Cross Society
  17. Pancyprian Association & cancer Patients & Friends (PASYKAF)
  18. The Cyprus Anticancer Society
  19. Cyprus Multiple Sclerosis Association
  20. Cyprus Disability Organization



  1. Cyprus Shipping Chamber
  2. Cyprus Employers Ship Owners Association
  3. Cyprus Shipping Association
  4. The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus
  5. Cyprus Fiduciary Association
  6. Cyprus Information Technology Enterprises Association (CITEA)
  7. Telecommunication Enterprises Association
  8. Insurance Association of Cyprus
  9. Cyprus Safety & Health Association (CySHA)
  10. Cyprus Organisation of Internet Publishers
  11. Cyprus Newspapers and Magazines Publishers’ Association
  12. Cyprus Association of Cinema Halls Owners
  13. Cyprus Refrigeration Association
  14. Association of Mechanical & Electrical and Energy Consulting Engineers (SEMEEK)
  15. Outdoor Advertising Association
  16. Drinking Water Coin Machines’ Owners Association
  17. Cyprus Car Wash Association
  18. Cyprus Human Resource Management Association
  19. Cyprus Association for Quality (CyAQ)
  20. CSR Cyprus
  21. Cyprus Payroll Association
  22. Cyprus Association of Graduate Translators & Interpreters
  23. European Mentoring & Coaching Council Cyprus
  24. Ιnternational Management Assistants (IMA)
  25. Cyprus Professional Photographers Association
  26. Cyprus Association of Opinion Poll & Market Research Enterprises
  27. Cyprus Association of Management Consultants
  28. Cyprus Association of Business & Professional Women
  29. Cyprus Association of Graduates of Physical Education & Sport Sciences
  30. Dance Schools Association
  31. Cyprus Dance Association
  32. Cyprus international Business Association (CIBA)
  33. Cyprus Safety and Health Association
  34. Cyprus Shisha Association
  35. Cyprus Blockchain Technologies



  1. Cyprus Association of Food Chains
  2. Cyprus Association of Professional Events
  3. Federation of Associations of Leisure Centre Owners
  4. Cyprus Nightlife Association



  1. Association of Cyprus Tourist Enterprises
  2. Cyprus Hotel Association
  3. Cyprus Association of Tourist Buses Owners
  4. Cyprus Association of Leisure Parks & Attractions (CALPA)



  1. Motor Vehicles Importers Association
  2. Cyprus Employers Association of Packers – Exporters of Citrus & Grapes
  3. Cyprus Association of Motorcycle Importers
  4. Association of Fire Equipment & Electrical Equipment Suppliers
  5. Association of Electrical & Mechanical Equipment Suppliers
  6. Association of Fire Equipment Suppliers & Maintainers


Energy & Environment

  1. Cyprus Union of Solar Thermal Industrialists
  2. Cyprus Energy Efficiency Business Association (PASEEXE)
  3. Cyprus Association of Biogas Producers
  4. Cyprus Association of Renewable Energy Enterprises
  5. Cyprus Association of Large Electricity Consumers
  6. Cyprus Association of Liquid Biofuels
  7. Association of Hazardous Waste Management Companies
  8. Association of Liberal Electricity Market Participants
  9. Association of Managers of Solid Non-Hazardous Waste
  10. Cyprus Hydrogen Association
  11. Cyprus Circular Economy Network



  1. Cyprus Association of Private Tertiary Education Institutions
  2. Cyprus Association of Private Pre-School Education
  3. Cyprus Education Association of Private Schools
  4. Cyprus Association Education Consultants
  5. Union of Private Institutes
  6. Cyprus Association of Private Educational Services (ΣΙΕΥΚ)


Πρωτογενής Τομέας              

  1. Cyprus Wineries Association
  2. Σύνδεσμος Ζυθοποιείων Κύπρου
  3. Drinking Water Bottling Association
  4. Cyprus Network of Scientists & Fishermen
  5. Cyprus Network of Professional Fishermen
  6. Cyprus Citrus Cutting Association