International Entrepreneurship Affairs and Event Management

OEB’s International Entrepreneurship Afairs and Events Management Services is involved in various activities with the aim of promoting international trade, business opportunities and the penetration of Cypriot companies in the Cyprus and international markets. An outline of the division’s activities is as follow:

International contacts – Creating working relationships with foreign commercial counsellors in Cyprus, Cyprus embassies abroad, economic organizations and employer federations worldwide.

Conferences and Economic Forums – Organising conferences both in Cyprus and abroad. Holding periodical foreign officials forums and organizing visits to leading Cyprus industries.

Publications – Providing our members with updated information about fairs, exhibitions, delegations, economic reviews and other relevant data from all around the world.

Trade Fairs – Organising trade fairs in Cyprus for the promotion of products and services in the Cyprus market.

General Information – Data and consultation to Cyprus and foreign companies regarding international trade issues, import, export, taxes, economic review, business guides, information on Cyprus companies and sectorial market reviews.

Incoming Delegations – Hosting delegations from all over the world, organizing visits for the participants at industrial sites and scheduling individual business meetings between our members and their foreign counterparts.

Outgoing Delegations – Organizing trade missions visiting main exhibitions, conferences and international events abroad.  In addition individual business meetings are scheduled with foreign business people tours at local factories are arranged.

Commercial Counsellors – Scheduling individual meetings between our members and commercial counsellors posted in Cyprus in order to explore specific business opportunities in the different countries.