Welcome to the website of the Cyprus Employers and Industrialist Federation (OEB), which is designed to be user friendly. The purpose of OEB’s website is to provide direct and reliable information for all current and up-to date issues regarding the Economy, Industrial Relations, Labour Legislation, Harmonisation with the EU, Funding Programmes and also Training and Education of human resources.

The economy and business environment in Cyprus, following the 2013 recession, has changed significantly. The rapidly moving global economic and technological developments, have brought significant changes to contemporary entrepreneurship.

OEB is watching closely the new order of things and has adopted the necessary tools, in order to offer its Members, the targeted quality services, focused on the following axes:

  • Problem Solving
  • Nurturing of development
  • Valid and reliable information

Through a course of over 55 years of activity, OEB has been a key provider of social and economic development in Cyprus. At the same time OEB is the employers’ organisation of Cyprus (internationally recognised) and the leading representative of employers and businesses in decision-making centres.

The collective bodies of OEB, consisting of businessmen and other professionals, as well as its highly-qualified staff, are altogether an important representative body for its Members in Cyprus and abroad.

I am convinced that website of OEB will be a point of reference and information for the Mass Media and Communications, our Members, and for anyone who is interested in the economic and industrial developments in Cyprus.


OEB Chairman


The Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB) was founded in 1960 by 19 pioneering entrepreneurs. Today, its Members derive from all sectors of the economic activity and employ more than 60% of the private sector’s, workforce, a percentage which is one of the highest in Europe.

OEB is a pancyprian independent organisation, comprising of more than 65 of the main professional/sectoral Associations as well as hundreds of companies from the sectors of: Manufacturing, Services, Construction, Commerce, Environment, Energy, Tourism, Education, Health and Agriculture. In total, OEB has more than 10.000 Members.


To be the leading representative of employers and businesses, and the catalyst of socio-economic development and prosperity in Cyprus.


  • To provide comprehensive support and add value to Members by providing a range of up-to-date, high-quality and specialized services, adjusted to the needs of our Members, the market conditions and the socio-economic environment.
  • To promote the interests of its Members and the business community and to claim / apply measures for businesses survival, promotion and development.
  • To thoroughly follow up the socio-economic actions in Cyprus and abroad, to advise the state, its members and the general business community and to contribute actively and effectively to the economic development of the country.
  • To cooperate with the state and other institutions and factors of the society, in order to promote the development of entrepreneurship and prosperity of our country.
  • To maintain the balance of forces between business world and labour and other organizations who act as pressure groups, within the pluralistic decision-making system of the Cypriot society.