Report on financing options to support greenhouse gas emissions reductions in the hotel sector in Cyprus and Greece

The aim of this Report is to present the main financial instruments/Support Schemes/ Reward Schemes in Europe and in the participating countries (Cyprus, Greece and Germany), which are addressed to the hotel sector. Also, the main barriers identified are presented that hinder the promotion of the implementation of projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the hotel sector.

Report Opportunities for a green restart of the hotel industry arising from the COVID-19 pandemic

This report has the objective to investigate the effects of the corona pandemic on the hotel industry at an EU level and at a national level in the focal countries of the Hotels4Climate project (i.e. Cyprus, Germany and Greece), as well as to derive corresponding policy recommendations that will be required for a green restart of the industry. In order to identify critical issues and gain insights into the needs of hoteliers, a market assessment was conducted and interviews were held with key stakeholders, including hoteliers, hotel associations, public bodies, consultants, tour operators and financial institutions during July and August 2020. The outcomes can be used to guide hotel industry actors and policy-makers in the development of new instruments, as well as the scaling-up of existing programmes to respond to the critical issues related to the economic disruption of the tourism industry caused by the pandemic and associated travel restrictions.

Preliminary study evaluating the circularity of Cypriot and Greek hotels

This preliminary assessment is part of the Hotels4Climate project, which aims to assess and determine the current state of the circular economy in the hotel industry in Cyprus and Greece, to identify priority areas for the main services offered by hotels (accommodation, food and other activities, such as wellness and spa) and identify business challenges and opportunities for hotel businesses to move to a circular economy and create successful, flexible and resilient circular business models.

Report on the Suitable GHG reduction measures for Cypriot and Greek hotel industry, based on structural characteristics, energy and GHG emissions performance indicators.

As part of the implementation of the Hotels4Climate project, the Cyprus Federation of Employers & Industrialists (OEB) together with the Institute of the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (INSETE) and the non-profit organization adelphi research present the report on the identification of Suitable GHG reduction measures for Cypriot and Greek hotel industry based on their structural characteristics, and energy and GHG emissions performance indicators.

Actions aimed at improving the energy and environmental performance of a hotel can play an important role in its transition to a sustainable business. This report presents a series of 21 measures of Greenhouse Gas Emissions reduction, which are divided into 7 categories according to their area of application and are classified according to 3 critical criteria: Investment costs, Energy and greenhouse gas emissions savings, and Repayment period.

Assessment of Cyprus and Greece hotels - Structural characteristics, energy and GHG emissions performance indicators

Main aim of this report is the assessment and evaluation of the energy performance and GHG emissions of Cyprus and Greece hotels, with the use of an integrated methodology that includes design of questionnaires, hotels’ on-site visits, data collection, data analysis and results reporting.