BUSINESSEUROPE: A Europe with opportunities for all – A business ambition for 2030


A Europe with opportunities for all

A business ambition for 2030

 BUSINESSEUROPE has issued its business ambition for the European Union in 2030, setting out its commitment and what is needed to create the right framework conditions to enable business to play its role in society.

A memo signed by the BUSINESSEUROPE President Mr Pierre Gattaz and Director General Mr Markus J. Beyrer, states the following:

“The world is changing rapidly and profoundly as global alliances shift and populism rises. What we are witnessing is not just another era of change but a change of era. European integration is more important than ever and the business community is committed to ensure that Europe can shape this new era according to its values.

We have achieved much over the past decades thanks to the European project. But we must act now if we want to ensure that we deliver:

  • An EU that is strong and setting the agenda in the world;
  • An EU that is a global leader in innovation, digitalisation and sustainability;
  • An EU that is functioning efficiently; and
  • An EU that is economically cohesive and socially inclusive.

Business is committed to transforming the economic, social, technological, and environmental challenges we are facing into opportunities in order to defend our European way of life.

 Through this long-term ambition we want to give a first contribution ahead of next year’s European elections”.

BusinessEurope Ambition for Europe 2030