First presentation of the Preliminary Assessment of the Current Status of the Circular Economy in Hotels in Greece & Cyprus, 25 February 2021

The first presentation of the Preliminary Assessment Study of the Current Situation of the Circular Economy as part of the Hotels4Climate project took place on Thursday, February 25, 2021 in the context of an online discussion “The Contribution of the Circular Economy to the Tourism Sector” organized by the Environmental Information Centre of Larnaca.

The Preliminary Assessment Study presents the current status of the circular economy in the hotel industry in Cyprus and Greece, after a survey and a series of interviews with hoteliers. It presents, from the hoteliers’ perspective:

  • their level of understanding and knowledge of the circular economy,
  • their intention and that of their clients to go,
  • how they perceive the various benefits of circularity,
  • the current state of cyclicality in their supply chains,
  • the cyclical practices already in place,
  • the expectations they have mainly from their suppliers,
  • the existing barriers to the widespread implementation and successful transition of hotel businesses to a circular economy,
  • priority areas and cyclical opportunities, and finally,
  • the needs of hoteliers to achieve circularity and transition to a circular economy.

The final report with all the results of the Preliminary Study is available on the Hotels4Climate project website.

The presentation is available here.

The invitation to the online event is available here.

The event program is available here.

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