The collaborating partners openly invite the Cyprus businesses to sign the Voluntary Commitment of the “Business4Climate” initiative. The initiative targets the self-commitment of businesses for the reduction of their greenhouse gas emissions, by adopting and applying policies, actions and every day practices that will contribute to the reduction of their carbon footprint.

If your company wishes to join the “Business4Climate” initiative, all you need to do is to sign the below Voluntary Commitment and send it to the fax number 22 666 661 or to the e-mail address mpapanicolaou@oeb.org.cy:

Εθελοντική Δέσμευση Business4Climate

Voluntary Commitment Business4Climate


Benefits from your participation to the initiative:

Signing the above Voluntary Commitment is a sincere and a hands-on proof of your organisation’s interest towards the protection of the environment, while it also enforces your organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility. Moreover, participation to the project is expected to improve the energy efficiency of businesses by reducing their operational costs and by involving their employees in taking initiatives towards climate action.

In addition, by signing the declaration and participating to the initiative, businesses will join the following benefits:

  • Support for the reporting of the baseline greenhouse gas emissions produced by each company.
  • Free capacity-building training to the company’s personnel, regarding the methodology of greenhouse gas emissions reporting and the development of a comprehensive action plan targeting the reduction of emissions.
  • Potential access to funding.
  • Certificate of Participation to the “Business4Climate” Initiative.
  • Ability to use the “Business4Climate” logo for corporate promotion and marketing purposes.
  • Promotion of the businesses who have signed the Voluntary Commitment to the “Business4Climate” website.