OEB at a High-Level International Conference in Qatar

The Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation (OEB) participated at the high-level, international conference entitled “Enriching the Middle East’s Economic Future”, which took place on 12-13 November, 2017 in Doha, Qatar.

The conference was organized by the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) Center for Middle East Development, under the auspices of the Foreign Minister of the State of Qatar.

It is noted that the conference was an invitation-only event, for a limited number of participants, including government officials, diplomats, academics and technocrats, aiming in bringing their perspectives to find solutions to pressing international issues.

The topics analyzed included the following:

  • Globalization and its economic impact.
  • The role of women in national and regional economies.
  • The role of youth in rebuilding the Middle East.
  • The social, economic and political impacts on migration on host countries and the role of entrepreneurs.

OEB’s representative, Mr. Polyvios Polyviou, Industrial Relations & Social Policy Officer, outlined the actions and policies implemented in Cyprus to effectively tackle youth unemployment, explaining the targeted Grants/Schemes developed towards this end, covering specific categories of unemployed young people (e.g. secondary education graduates, tertiary education graduates, etc). Moreover, he underlined the importance of social dialogue and tripartite cooperation among the Social Partners Organizations, which constitutes a necessary condition for every society that strives to progress and develop.

During the conference, Mr. Polyviou had the opportunity to exchange views with other participants and promote Cyprus as an important investment destination and as a stabilizing factor for the broader region.

On the occasion of the visit in Doha, OEB’s representative visited Cypriot enterprises-Members of OEB that have been operating in Qatar, in order to record the challenges and problems they are facing.

Below photos of Mr Polyvios Polyviou and the Foreign Minister of Qatar his excellency Mr Soltan bin Saad Al-Muraikhi and other photos from the event 

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